[Ansteorra] Ravensfort Defender Question

Kezia (Barbara Gilbert) kezia at pbgilbert.net
Mon Aug 26 18:52:30 PDT 2002

Yes the insurance has been paid. Please bring out your horses to play and
practice. We do not have a contest planned but the equestrian team is free
to organize what ever they wish.
HE Kezia
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I have a question about the upcoming event at Raven'sfort. Has the
equestrian insurance been paid? Nothing has been said and there was an
announcement on the equestrian list that there will be equestrian
activities. I love the Stones site, and would love to go just to trailride,
but I need to know so I can plan and let others know for sure.

Lady Lorraine Fraser
Stargate's Equestrian Marshal


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