[Ansteorra] Unto "Gilli"

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
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Since we had not meet at any of the work parties or any of the other Shire
function I attend, I want to thank you for that lovely introduction.

I'll respond later to day, privately to the rest.

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I feel I should begin with a cursory introduction. My SCA name is Lady
Brianna of Arundel. I have lived within the physical confines of the Shire
of Middleford since the end of May and have not yet been introduced to you.
I do not take this as a personal affront, just an overlook, I'm sure.

Pleasantries done with, I feel I should introduce what I find to be my more
important titles: I am Sir John and Mistress Honor's daughter as well as Sir
Samuel's lady. I use their titles merely as a way of identifying exactly to
whom I am referring.

You have chosen to publicly slander my mother, cast doubt upon my father,
and show hostility toward my lord. Please do not mistake my private response
for a lack of emphasism to any of the points I'm about to make, I just don't
feel the need for public affirmation, or merely attention, as others may.

#1. You do not know my mother. If you have made any welcoming efforts toward
her, I assure you they were not perceivable by her. Again, I am certain that
was nothing personal, just probably not in your nature to be warm and

#2. "Work party" implies there will be work as well as socializing. (Hence
the inclusion of the word "party", I would assume.) Few people choose to
socialize in environments where they do not feel warmly welcomed. (Or
invited for that matter.)

#3. Unless I am sorely misinformed, you are not a peer. Therefore, while you
may have opinions about peerages or individuals, I don't see the
appropriateness or necessity to voice these opinions in such a public forum.
Whatever your original intent by your comment has been long ago overshadowed
by your continuation with the thread in such a dishonorable way.

#4. Whatever your problems may be with Honor, have you ever voiced them with
her privately? Have you ever had any kind of private conversation with her?
You need not know someone to immediately dislike them, and I support your
constitutional right to dislike whomever you please. However, your excersise
of your freedom of speech has become slanderous, and I take offense.

#5. The SCA is a VOLUNTEER organization. Anyone who chooses for whatever
reason, not to do something is completely within their rights to do so. It's
supposed to be fun, after all. I understand the necessity of maintaining a
functional infrastructure, but let's not get an overinflated idea of exactly
what it is we do here.

I have nothing further. If you feel moved enough by the points I have made
to issue an apology I'm certain MANY would deem that appropriate.

- Lady Brianna

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