[Ansteorra] LoL You owe me a nickel, Sir!

Samuel jernigen sirsdg at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 27 06:49:02 PDT 2002

hehe. Samuels e-mail not Guys :-)

--- "C. Weed" <cweed at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> Ahhh, Guy... brings me back to sweet days at my
> place in Temple whilst we
> listened to your fine plans to sculpt it into a
> welcome and fit place for
> young fighters... a place of awe and amazement where
> Lions would be born!
> You owe me a nickel. *wink*
> Look at it this way: at least you got the Dark
> Legion rolling while you were
> here this time.  Next time I think you should shoot
> for 50 new guys, all of
> them in armor... it'll drive em nuts wondering what
> in the world you could
> possibly be up to.  Just make sure if you sponsor
> any events, you include an
> archery activity or you'll have to be dealt with
> accordingly.
> I'm thinking the only thing that can change the
> world view there is lots of
> prayer and direct intervention by the Man Upstairs.
> That said, I'm up for
> double or nothing when you get back.
> Sorry I missed you at practice, man... I worked
> until 8:30 and then fell
> asleep at my desk until Cherie got home.  We're
> spending most of our waking
> moments working on plans for the house right now,
> which we hope to get built
> between Christmas and my birthday.  How long do you
> think you'll be away and
> what are the odds that they'll station you back here
> when you get back?
> We'll have a guest room or two so don't worry about
> a place to hang out...
> you can stay with us as long as you like and
> whenever you like.
> I gotta get on the road... take care, brotha!
> Casey
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> As one of the three peers of Middleford I feel the
> need to respond to the
> email made by HL Gilli.  As for myself, he is right,
> have made no work
> parties while part of the shire and other then
> recruiting fighters and
> training I've done very little for the shire.
> However since I know John and
> Honor, the other two peers living in the shire will
> not speak for
> themselves,
> I will say something.  I find this email in
> extremely poor taste.  I expect
> more from someone with three grant level awards from
> this kingdom. If the HL
> Gilli has a problem with the work people do in the
> shire he should speak to
> them first personally before he make slanderous
> remarks in an open forum
> such
> as this.  I will not speak to the work both John and
> Honor do other then
> saying that John is currently a company commander in
> the United States Army,
> who is deployed overseas, while Honor holds a
> Society level position in the
> SCA.  I think the work they do for the kingdom and
> the society speaks for
> itself.
> I am not planning on discussing this matter further
> online,  as it is not
> worth my time.  I only spoke to defend my friends.
> I will be happy to take
> any private emails on the matter.
> Sir Guy Lestrange
> Baron of Ansteorra
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