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This gets into what I discuss with a new peer every time I visit a vigil:
once a person becomes a peer, they are watched, and, more importantly,
*judged* by everyone in the kingdom. Everyone out there has a personal ideal
of what a knight, laurel or pelican should be and whether or not they know
it, they judge all peers against that ideal. How can anyone live up to any
ideal, much less countless ones? You can't. Sir Gawain learned that lesson
at the hands of the Green Knight and was made to wear a green sash for the
rest of his days a reminder of the fact that we're all human and we can't be
everything to every one.

Am I saying that peers should be lazy just because they can't live up to
someone else's expectations? No, but what I am saying is that for the nine
times that a peer does something right (like clearing brush on a work
weekend), no one will notice. If they do notice, they often say "that's what
a peer is supposed to do". But the one time that the peer doesn't show up,
*everyone* will notice. And do people take into account the fact that said
peer may be a kingdom or corporate officer who works a great deal on SCA
stuff during the week? I suppose that some do and some don't. Do they take
into account that the peer may have something going on in their personal or
work lives that demand their attention? Maybe, but by and large I think not.

Ultimately my point is that the whole peerage thing is a two way street.
Yes, the peers have more to live up to - we are examples and we are seen by
everyone. (If you don't like that, then you shouldn't accept membership in
the order.) On the other hand, those who are not peers need to understand
that we are people who have other jobs and duties inside the SCA, and many,
many things outside of the SCA (careers, families, church, etc.) that place
demands our time. They must also realize that most peers have been around
for quite a few years and must sometimes take some time off. (Heck, I've
been a knight for 13 years, and I'm never the oldest knight in any circle.)
Finally, people have to realize that the peers are just people too, and that
we make mistakes. If a given peer has a chronic issue, then there is a
problem and it should be discussed with that person. If a given peer
stumbles every once in a while, just remember that we're all human.

(More long winded than Alden.)

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yes, but also, it is nice to be led to do things,  ie: by example, just
because someone is a knight or a laural or a crown,  then they need to be
more aware that there are some people who were born to lead, and the vast
majority were born to follow.   What I am saying, is to be a responsible,
leading peer,  Set a good example, just because you have a coronet on your
head, doesnt necessarily exempt you from some work.  Sorry if I used a Dirty
word there,

The best example I can name is Baron Arthur of the Fen, and Duke Seamus of
the Cats.  when we had work days  these two gentlemen were the first to
arrive and the last to leave.

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