[Ansteorra] A thought on Peers "earning thier keep"

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 27 09:52:16 PDT 2002

>Now then...anyone have something constructive to say,
>whether it be a praise or complaint.

How about neither, but instead a philosophy?
One thing I try to point out to folks sitting their Vigils
is to never feel they have reached a goal. Getting that
award or belt or medallion or hat or whatever simply means
that now everyone expects you to know what you are talking
about. The game I play with my own head (and many of you
who have sat vigil have heard this) is that at every event
I pretend that I'm a top-level squire that has to prove to
the Chivalry I'm worthy of elevation. Sometimes it works
and sometimes it doesn't. But at least I try to remind myself
every time that I still need to earn this belt in the eyes
of the populace.

But some folks need to remember that there is a hell of a
lot of effort that most Peers put into the Kingdom and thier
particular art for many years before achieving that rank. And
sometimes you just get flat tired. After you have been to your
1000th event they all start to seem the same. Sometimes a Peer
or even hard-working non-Peer needs to sit back and recuperate.
But Peers especially need to remember that we have an obligation
to the community and we also forget that folks actually look up
to us, but only as long as we deserve their attention. Someone
getting a Pelican and then never helping the group or a Knight
who stops playing other than the ocassional tournament does nothing
to the oath sworn and fades in the eyes of the populace.

Peers must work harder to "earn their keep" in the Society. I'm
also speaking to the Royals and Nobles here as well. Anyone that
has that big spotlight on them shouldn't decide that they must
be adored now because they have a bigger cookie. They need to
show the populace just WHY they got it. And to never forget why
they got it.

Of course, after you have hit your 10 year mark with a Peerage
then you are allowed to slow down a bit. ;-)

Forgive the rambling from someone who doesn't even live in Ansteorra



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