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I asked you to share your opinions...

so if you wish to read them here are mine in regard to AoA level Awards

Though my criteria is continually melding and changing…and does have exceptions…here is what I
have figured out so far:

For all awards here are my beliefs:

To be considered for an award in the SCA the activity or skill needs to be of benefit to the SCA
so ALL of my analysis is strained through the idea of how the actions of an individual benefit the

I do not believe the SCA should reward bad behavior…I don't care how much good a person does…or
what kind of skills they have…if it takes more of everyone else's time and energy to fix the
problems a person causes than that person contributes to the SCA…they don't deserve ANY award.

Criteria for an AoA

Minimum 1 calendar year in the SCA (in my experience people who get their AoA under a year usually
leave the SCA quickly)
Minimum 1 year activity…which is roughly 104 hours (2 hrs X 52weeks) with about ½ of that (26
hours) being direct physical interaction in SCA activities (Fighter Practice, Business Meetings,
Guild Meetings, Working at or on Events, Participating in activities at events, etc…)

Things I look at:

1. How self motivated are they.
2. How willing they are to accept or take responsibility for tasks.
3. What is their talk to action ratio.
4. Do they have a membership.
5. Impact.
6. Do they know the difference between activities with SCA friends and SCA activity.
7. Do they attempt pre-1600 clothes.
8. Do they make an effort to learn about the SCA

Criteria for a Thistle

For me it is a rough formula:

research level X skill level X length of time doing the activity X amount produced X increase in
skill X how the person makes the skill benefit the SCA (usually through atmosphere improvement,
donation, or instruction)

Criteria for a Comet

All Considerations of the AoA plus

Minimum of 2 to 3 calendar years after AoA
Minimum of 2 to 3 activity years after AoA
Progressive Responsibility (usually means coordinating activities at events, holding offices,
spearheading group projects, etc…) or longer amount of activity time.

Criteria for a Crane

All considerations for a Comet except that the progressive responsibility or activity should be
impacting more than one group and the individual should be known throughout several groups or the
region in regard to their activities.

So what ya think?

Lorraine DeerSlayer
target facile

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