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Tue Aug 27 16:31:54 PDT 2002

Lady Gerita della Mara declared:
> To Her Grace Willow de Wisp, greetings

I am certainly not Her Grace Willow, but let me make some
comments here if I may.

> I have entered all of three A&S competitions in the 16 months
> i have been in
> Ansteorra.  I've also taught at least 4 times.  I love to
> teach.  Others are
> most welcome to my spot in the competitions, except for one
> tiny problem:
> If i don't exhibit, then how do folks know that i also teach?

I Know! I know! says Stefan franically waving his hand...

Do you create class handouts for your classes? Send a copy to
Stefan to consider for the Florilegium. Class handouts can often
be quite useful and stand-alone without the class they were
written for. You will find a number of these already in the
Florilegium as well as bibliographies from various classes.

Or turn those class notes into an article on the subject. Since
my standard policy is to allow updates at any time, you can
always send the class notes first and then either update them
or replace them with an article later.

Yes, this may be a rather broad brush if the ones you are
really trying to reach are those in your region and your
only reason is to get invited to teach. On the otherhand, the
audience is large (much of the Known World) and you can get
interesting or useful info out to many more than those who
can attend your classes. Also, the feedback that you may
recieve from those who read your articles can improve the
classes you teach locally.

Other ideas include volunteering to teach at a King's
College or local college events such as Bjornsborg often
puts on. Also, the class coordinators at Gulf Wars and
Pennsic are often looking for folks to teach classes
at those events.

I teach only one class, a hands-on class on period pewter
casting. Through the years many of my invitations to teach
this class have come from previous students or friends of
students who have heard about the class and want me to
teach it in their area or event. So, the more times you
teach a class or classes the more likely you are to get
further invitations if folks like your class. A year and
a half is not really long enough for much of this to
happen. Please just hang in there and keep teaching if
that is what you like to do.

Always look for various ways to improve your teaching.
I like to think the files in the Florilegium on teaching might
help such as:
teaching-msg      (21K)  2/14/00    Teaching in the SCA and in persona.
Teach-in-SCA-art  (16K) 12/26/00    "On Teaching Classes in the SCA" by Lady
                                       Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at florilegium.org

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