[Ansteorra] Pictures of Talented works

John Thorn thornsca at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 27 17:19:43 PDT 2002

There was an attempt to take pictures of every booth that was at Steppes
Artisan.  The pictures are still floating about as little electrons and wee
bits of rust.  Soon, however they will be posted to a web-site to be
published for all.

  The photographer was amature at best, but my attempt was to capture as
many images of works of art as possible.  Some displays may have been missed
in my attempts to make my rounds, and I sincerely appologize if you do not
see any or all of your works.  Time before court was limited.


Lord John Thorn
Shire of Middleford
Squire to Sir Guy LeStrange
Bronze Thunder Bearing Red

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