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lesse.  AoA bout 3 years.  Bards Laureate, bout 5.  couple of Comets, 12
years, Thistle.14 years.  <G>.  Last few years haven't been moved around by
the military anymore.  Play way out here in the Western Region.  Don't go
east much, cept for GW where i fight for my knight ( like a squire
 I like the SCA.  Good people where ever i have been stationed, even over in
Korea. Couldn't play much sometimes cause of the job.  Lotsa friends whose
careers didn't take them off somewhere else at irregular intervals and now i
see them with pointy hats and belts and leaves and birds.
 but i get to play golf with my 82 year old dad for the rest of his life,
and that is more than worth any award anywhere.

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From: "karen moon" <karenmoon at msn.com>
> I got my laurel 6 1/2 years after I had my AOA. But to be fair, I had
> in another kingdom for 3 yrs (then took off time for school). I had not
> received any awards in the first kingdom. I received all my awards here in
> Ansteorra.  I have seen some people become a peer in less time than that.
> It would be interesting to see in the OP what the time span is from AOA to
> POA in Ansteorra.

<lotsa snipy snip of award times>

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