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Ron eirik at hot.rr.com
Wed Aug 28 08:55:16 PDT 2002

According to the current Order of Precedence, His Majesty never recieved an
Award of Arms. His entry from the OP follows:

Patrick Michael Gordonne 2002,07,13
 N D

  FALCON  10/08/1988

  KSCA  05/28/1989

  COUNTY Earl 01/27/1990

  DUCHY DUKE 01/26/1991

  CRANE  03/24/1991

  *KC* HM Rowan (check) 12/31/1991

  AQR  03/13/1993

  COMET Seawinds 06/26/1993

  COMET Le Marche Sauvage 12/31/1994

  SAG Sable Garland 05/23/1998

  LION Jason and Saereid 07/07/2001

  KING  07/13/2002


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