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All very good reasons. Like I said, I didn't think that there was anything
wrong with the pas, I just found it curious since it hadn't been a part of
the event before.


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I was privy to a couple of the committee meetings and I can give you my
impression on the reasons.

1.  There is a 1-2 hour gap in the morning that people are setting up and
really not doing too much.  This gives people who are non-artisans something
to watch while the artisans are setting up.  It also gives those fighters
wishing to demonstrate their Art--as oppose to clubbing baby harp seals--a
venue to do so.

2.  We are seeing more and more events where it is just an "Arts Event" or
just a "Fighting Event".  Where that is lovely to focus on a particular
area, you are creating walls between disciplines within the Society. Those
walls and gaps are starting to become the status quo as opposed to an
anomaly.  As Duchess Willow expressed eloquently in a previous post, at one
time we did *everything* at an event and it created a wonderful atmosphere.
We have lost that magic in some instances.  This was an experiment to try a
recapture some of that.

3.  A Pas de Armes is a High Persona list that exemplifies not the winning
of the list but the "Art of Fighting".  Including the display of Armor,
Heraldry, Pageantry, Courtly Graces.  All things that are not strictly the
purview of just a "Fighting Event".  It celebrates the Art of the list and
the fighter. It demands the involvement of those watching. What better place
for it than an Arts and Sciences event?

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