[Ansteorra] Pas was - A&S issues

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Wed Aug 28 11:20:00 PDT 2002

A Pas de Armes

So does this translate to "putting lipstick on a pig"?

Other than the indoor location, procession and short
timetable it didn't seem much different than most
tourneys I go to. Maybe there were a few more garlands
hanging about.

In addition, fighting at the barrier doesn't really
allow much time for style points it pretty much is
clubbing baby seal fighting (using someone elses words)

Don't get me wrong I think it is important to increase
the esthetics and historical aspects of our game but I
also think that there are generally outstanding
examples at most tourneys. Culling the heard as it
were may make the tournament look better but I don't
think it really addresses the issues.

Now I did miss the second half of the tourney while I
was playing Chess so maybe there was something
outstanding in the second half.

I do think the the set up, decorations, refreshments
and take down were very notable and impressive.

Amerinda di Praga
Cadet to Don Ansgar
Herald in passing to Don Llywelyn
for the Pas de Armes

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