[Ansteorra] Pas was - A&S issues

AMBERD at flash.net AMBERD at flash.net
Wed Aug 28 13:05:10 PDT 2002

(for the general readers you might want to skip to the
last paragraph ;-)

>Uh, no. A passage of arms can and should be one
>of the most noble and inspiration forms of tournament
>that there are. The combatants come out
>there for the joy of combat.

And here I thought that was what we did every time we
stepped out onto any tourney field. As for not
appreciating barrier fighting I never said I didn't
enjoy watching it nor that I didn't appreciate the
skill it takes to be good at it. I'll give you the
benefit of the doubt that you weren't trying to imply
that I can only appreciate rapier fighting.

>Finally, I feel the phrase "lipstick on a pig" is a
>bit, dismissive, of the effort on the part of those
>who worked so hard to put it on.

Actually it is called a joke and your attempt to turn
it into an insult by alleging it is dismissive of the
effort on the part of those who worked so hard to put
it on is the insult; by 'using' them. It should have
been obvious by my later praise of their efforts that
I wasn't insulting them.

>Centurion Jean Paul de Sens

So your defending the "beauty of it all" without
actually having seen it. That is somewhat amusing.

I think the tourney would have been much more
appropriate to a full day center stage venue as
opposed to the rushed timeslot it was given. I also
think it would work better outside with the wind
lifting the edges of the banners, the smell of crushed
grass as the tourney progressed and the sound of birds
trumpeting the valor of the fighters.


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