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> Other than the indoor location, procession and short
> timetable it didn't seem much different than most
> tourneys I go to. Maybe there were a few more garlands
> hanging about.

I would like to address the subject of the Pas' tourney and the differences
from a participants point of view. Please excuse my spelling and grammar, as
I'm rushing off to a meeting!

First, preparation.
Pas': It is alot of work to prepare for a pas if you don't have your "pas'
kit" together. This can consist of some or all of the following: banner(s),
an honor shield, torse/mantling/crest for helmet, cleaning, repainting,
redying, shining up or even building new armor for the time period,
largesse, gifts for their excellencies, new fighting tunics/tabards, finding
and paying a herald, finding and paying a bard, building and paying for an
entourage, providing tabards for heralds, pages, men-at-arms, etc, letters
of intent, documentation, if required, etc, and not to mention playing a
character. Oh did I mention practice and train?

Regular tourney. Get your armor together, paint your shield, practice and
train. Show up and fight. Possibly hand out some largesse now and then.
Hopefully have time to make a banner...

Second, Procession.
Pas: In most pas, you're possibly going to process in with your entourage,
make a bold announcement to the populace, address the representatives of the
crown, and the ladies/consorts in the gallery.

Regular tourney. Get inspected, show up for pairings, fight.

Third, Tournament
Pas: Each fight is usually a boisterous challenge. You show lots of displays
honor, give up advantages in lieu of honor, play up to the crowd, fight w/
weird rules and odd weapons, counted blows.
Regular Tourney: Fight, hopefully to win and Honor is understood as part of
the game.

My point is that in addition to regular tournament fighting (which can be
difficult enough), you have all these additional things to do and perform.
It can be very time consuming, and just as involved as getting ready for an
A&S display, if done correctly.  It can also be incredibly intimidating to a
fighter who's never participated in a Pas because its difficult to find a
list of everything required and how to, or even find members of an entourage
to help.  Heck even the etiquette is quite different.

> In addition, fighting at the barrier doesn't really
> allow much time for style points it pretty much is
> clubbing baby seal fighting (using someone elses words)

This particular Pas' was on a short time table indeed. Other Pas' i have
participated in ran hours longer and had ton's of different fighting styles
in them.  And while it may appear that 'clubbing baby seal fighting' is what
is done at a barrier in teh Pas, there are other differences, ..i.e.  given
rules of honor and dishonor. FOr example, thrusting at the barrier is
considered dishonorable, or giving up your advantage or points is considered
more 'winning' then killing the opponent.  It is possible an opponent can
allow the other fighter all the strokes of the counted blows and then yield
his blows/points for honor.  Usually you wouldnt do this in a regular

> Don't get me wrong I think it is important to increase
> the esthetics and historical aspects of our game but I
> also think that there are generally outstanding
> examples at most tourneys.
Agreed. Its just a different flavor of a tourney, just like someone who
fights 4 hours in a bearpit straight or wins every fight in a swiss five w/
5 different weapons.  In this case, its not all about the fighting, but
other virtues as well.

> Now I did miss the second half of the tourney while I
> was playing Chess so maybe there was something
> outstanding in the second half.

> I do think the the set up, decorations, refreshments
> and take down were very notable and impressive.

In the case of this Pas, due to the time constraints, alot more of the
'show' wasnt possible. So IMHO, they're excellencies had to hurry it along
because we only had two or so hours to get in all the fighting.  Usually
Pas' are alot longer as they provide more time for the character playing,
challenges, boisterous talk, etc etc.

If I understand correctly, this was the first Pas' style tournament for
Steppes.I thought they did a magnificent job and it was a pleasure and honor
to be allowed to compete in it.

Lady Vivaine d'Agincourt

> Amerinda di Praga
> Cadet to Don Ansgar
> Herald in passing to Don Llywelyn
> for the Pas de Armes
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