[Ansteorra] Pas was - A&S issues

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A 100 yard dash allows less time to demonstrate style and technique than
does a marathon.  That doesn't mean that a level of style and technique
doesn't exist, of course.  But yes, to the untrained eye, the fighting
itself can indeed be more difficult to fully comprehend.  Fortunately a well
done Pas has so much more "stuff" involved than the fighting alone.

Morgan Buchanan

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> >In addition, fighting at the barrier doesn't really
> >allow much time for style points it pretty much is
> >clubbing baby seal fighting (using someone elses
> >words)
> A clarification. My wording wasn't really in line with
> my thoughts. I don't really think "any" fighting is
> like clubbing baby seals.  I still think barrier
> fighting allows for less "time" to demonstrate a
> fighting style though I do agree that it takes style
> to win.
> Amerinda

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