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> For most of these people the level they are at will be their terminal award
> (not that getting awards is what keeps them in)...I just think getting
> an award should mean more...therefore require more...

Can we find a more positive term than Terminal?

Also I want to pose a question.  Has anyone took a look at someone who has
achieve awards and some one who has not? What is the difference?  Is the
actual difference what we perceive? What offices have they held? How active
are they? And so forth.  Or are people over looked because they are thought
to have the award?  I know the answer to this It is a definite Yes.

Remember data can be skewed and perceived in many ways.
Just think what someone would see looking at the OP in 20 years. Sir Simon of
the Amber Isle just got his Pelican.  I know he has worked hard for a long
time for this kingdom.
( Let me say that Sir Simon is my favorite knight. And a good example to

My AOA was 9 years after I started to play.
Comet was 1year later
Thistle was 2years. Later

Then I had children and not active for 7years.

Silver Ram- 9years later.(from thistle)

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