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Brandy brandyrose5 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 29 10:18:04 PDT 2002

> I have been in the SCA for almost 19 years, and
> my son does not know life without it. He got his Rising >Star at 10 from
Michael and Makaela, and his AoA at
>14 from Timo and Allyson.  I think that  if a child is >doing all that is
required and more in the SCA, he >should get an AoA.  It is hard to explain
to a kid that >has been in the SCA 14 years and helps everyone and is
>courtly, and has been 3 groups youth rapier champion >and Guardian of the
Queen's Hope that the guy who >joined a year ago and is finally beginning to
understand >what we are doing here gets an AoA but you don't >because you
are too young.  Like anyone else, if the >child  really desreves it, give it
to them.

I was told once upon a time that I was too young for my AoA.  I remember
when the Barony of Elfsea had first established it's Keystone as the
Baronial order that carried an AoA with it that all of the Ants (the order
before the order) were receiving Keystones except for me because I was still
a minor.  I feel that if a teenager is pulling the weight of an adult that
they merit the award.  However, I also think we should be cautious of
awarding minors AoA's for doing more than the other teenagers do.  We need
to make sure that they are on keel with the adults receiving the award, so
we don't lose the basic value of an AoA.

mka Brandy

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