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L T ldeerslayer at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 29 10:48:15 PDT 2002

> Milady Lorraine,
> I do have a question of qualification for you, though, out of curiosity and
> naught else...  do you feel awards should necessarily be time-conditional?
No...what was stated is my basic self developed criteria...I use it as a framework
not as an absolute....

>But would you agree there are times when an award is merited
> before a certain time frame? And should that be taken into consideration?

Yes...I am very strict on the timeframe for an AoA...because I feel that if it getting
the thing early is so important to that individual they miss the point...also most times
I've known of it happening the person does not appreciate the award, and gets into a mind
set of thinking they should get all awards that easy and soon...though if they are living
up to that award and the local event is a week or even a few weeks shy of the one year mark
I would make an exception...I feel it is VERY important for the people who see you do the
work (i.e. usually your home group) see you get it.

My criteria for a thistle is a formula...time is only a factor in the consideration...

> Thank you for a very enlightening discussion,
> Elysia

My Pleasure...

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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