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I found the article interesting and emailed the editors my comments.  Although
the author was trying to show a turn toward fantasy and away from technology
post 9/11, I couldn't see where he succeeded in his argument since the Tolkien
phenomenon has been around for decades, the SCA is in it's 37th year, D & D has
been a top selling game since the mid 70's.  Add that the Lord of the Rings
movies had already been budgeted and a great deal of the shooting already done
prior to 9/11.  It just doesn't seem like a sudden turn of pop culture to me.


Quoting Lori Campbell <lcampbell at oltn.odl.state.ok.us>:

> The SCA recently received a mention in Time magazine (Dec. 2, 2002
> issue, pg 90).  After a long article on the soon-to-be-released movie
> "The Two Towers" there is a short article called "Feeding on Fantasy."
> It mentions the SCA several times in conjunction with the resurgence
> of
> what they call "preoccupation with fantasy, a nostalgic, sentimental,
> magical vision of a medieval age."  (Interesting to note also that we
> are the only organization they mention).  The author's theory is that
> after the events of 9/11, pop culture is turning away from science
> fiction and technology.  It should be interesting to see what, if any,
> long-term effect the Tolkien based movies have on our overall
> membership
> numbers.
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