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Wed Dec 4 12:08:21 PST 2002

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The Shire of Seawinds has been participating in the Ingleside Renfair for the last 3 years, this will be the 4th.  It is a small renfair with the potential for growth but much support is needed.  In fact the renfair is in jeopardy of becoming a thing of the past if the Ingleside Chamber does not make money this year.  While this small renfair is by no means an alternative to TRF, it is a worthy avenue for the SCA to support.  I invite you to join us in our annual demo at the Ingleside Renfair the weekend of Dec. 14th & 15th at beautiful Live Oak Park in Ingleside, Texas.  There is more information and directions on our website: www.seawind.org  under the announcements.  Just scroll down past the Defender information, which BTW will be held this coming weekend and promises to be worth the trip to the coast!
Lady Catriona
Hospitaler for the Shire of Seawinds
Coordinator for the demo at Ingleside Renfair
 Steve Rourke <steverourke at charter.net> wrote:
From: "Elizabeth Crouchet"
> Maybe now would be a good time to pursue activites with the Excalibur
> I believe they have recently been more interested in more partcipation
> the SCA. Is someone already workng on that?
> Claire
Don't know if anyone is trying to work out something with Excalibur, but I
am working on getting us in with Scarborough Faire.


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