[Ansteorra] TRF Costs and other related topics (longish)

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Thu Dec 5 10:01:27 PST 2002

TRF is gone for the SCA.  The end of an era (so to speak), and each of us
can bemoan its loss, cheer its demise, or be totally apathetic.  But let's
not forget all the work (often overlooked) and effort (usually undervalued)
that so many people, like HL Gerald and Ld Bouen recently, have put into
TRF.  Through the past 20 some odd years many from the SCA have contributed
their time, and money, to seeing that we had a good showing there, and that
we were viewed by an unknowing public in a good light.  All the fighters,
artisans, bards, waterbearers, marshals, crowd marshals, info booth
staffers, game handlers (yes we used to run games there and actually make
money) and anyone who contributed their time and effort to our "presence" at
TRF deserve a hearty and heart-felt "thanks" and "vivat".  Through the years
all of it was important to us as an organization.  And from someone who can
honestly say it was the most enjoyable "work" I've ever done, thank you all.

Ld Brian mac Cael

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> This is a long reply to many peoples, but I'm not planning on spending too
> many more grey cells on this as I have a feast to prep for in the next
> so bear with me (or skip the message).
> > ====================
> TRF management and the SCA have parted ways.  It's over, but I'm proud to
> say that I had a part in the demo while it was active.  I think, after
> is all said and done, that I like HL Annes' idea, of requesting a smaller
> booth where we could hand out information.  But then, I still like the
> of an SCA presence at TRF.
> For those who have read to the end (you happy few), I thank you for your
> patience.
> In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am
> HL Gerald of Leesville
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> A bard of Stargate
> Kingdom Ansteorra
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