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Thu Dec 5 10:28:03 PST 2002

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This year I think my favorite memory was introducing a blind man to chainmail. He really enjoyed actually getting to interact with stuff there and somebody talking to him. Things he could pick up, hold, ... Look at. I taught him how to make basic mail. He was doing the making. Last year I worked with an entire group of blind individuals. I had a blast.

I really loved watching the sun rise Sunday morning where I was in a medieval town, peaceful and quiet. The only real noise was the sound of the huge birds flying past to find food left in the market area.

Holding a lantern at a wedding so the minister could see the words to perform the cerimony in the chapel.

Walking down the garden walk in the moonlight.

Teaching a patron how to do something and finding them there the next year teaching others the same thing but as one of us.

Seeing how we came together as a family at Saturday nights dinner, even when we were all cold and wet.

I have more, but I will stop for now. If you have some really good memories of our time at TRF, please share.

your servant,


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