[Ansteorra] TRF Costs and other related topics (longish)

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Thu Dec 5 11:04:40 PST 2002

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Hey, the bottom line of any commercial venture is to make money. There's
nothing wrong with that, its just capitalism. The best way for a bidness (I
am from Texas, after all), to make money is to increase revenues and lower
costs. If TRF converted a large space of unrealized potential revenue into a
source of revenue, then they made a good business decision.

(Who was a Liberal Arts major, not a Business major but hey; you don't have
to be Donald Trump to figure that one out.)

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I have sadly seen this same thing in Trimaris.  In my own personal
experience here Renn Faire's are for the money- all the money and nothing
but the money!  $$$$


>TRF is gone for the SCA.  The end of an era (so to speak), and each of us
>can bemoan its loss, cheer its demise, or be totally apathetic.  But let's
>not forget all the work (often overlooked) and effort (usually undervalued)
>that so many people, like HL Gerald and Ld Bouen recently, have put into
>TRF.  Through the past 20 some odd years many from the SCA have contributed
>their time, and money, to seeing that we had a good showing there, and that
>we were viewed by an unknowing public in a good light.  All the fighters,
>artisans, bards, waterbearers, marshals, crowd marshals, info booth
>staffers, game handlers (yes we used to run games there and actually make
>money) and anyone who contributed their time and effort to our "presence"
>TRF deserve a hearty and heart-felt "thanks" and "vivat".  Through the
>all of it was important to us as an organization.  And from someone who can
>honestly say it was the most enjoyable "work" I've ever done, thank you
>Ld Brian mac Cael
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>Subject: [Ansteorra] TRF Costs and other related topics (longish)
> > This is a long reply to many peoples, but I'm not planning on spending
> > many more grey cells on this as I have a feast to prep for in the next
> > so bear with me (or skip the message).
> >
> > > ====================
> >
> >
> > TRF management and the SCA have parted ways.  It's over, but I'm proud
> > say that I had a part in the demo while it was active.  I think, after
> > is all said and done, that I like HL Annes' idea, of requesting a
> > booth where we could hand out information.  But then, I still like the
> > of an SCA presence at TRF.
> >
> > For those who have read to the end (you happy few), I thank you for your
> > patience.
> >
> > In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am
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