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David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at netzero.net
Thu Dec 5 17:29:00 PST 2002

Joel Schumacher wrote:
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> OK, now I'll have to dig out the published costs.  I don't remember
> what they were and I might be wrong, but I remember being surprised
> that TRF was so much more expensive than other ren-faires.  My wife's
> comment was "They sure must think a lot of themselves".
> No doubt it is costly to run, but other ren-faires have pretty much the
> same features: wandering performers, stage performers, a joust,
> maintenance, and so on.  So why is TRF so much more costly than similar
> venues?
> Do they have greater expenses?


> More entertainment?


> More expensive entertainment?


> More upkeep due to the humidity?


> A bigger chunk of land to maintain or pay off?

Twice as much acreage as any other in the US.

 >More taxes?


> The higher costs may indeed be required with no greed involved.
> On the other hand, being similar to other ren-faires, maybe their
> expenses are similar too.  Which begs the question, "why the higher
> fees for TRF"?

Much larger area, much more "free" entertainment (most acts are
straight salary, only a few work for tips alone, other festivals many
acts work for tips, and may be required to rent space with a
percentage of income or straight fee), good security (generally not
visible, which is one factor of "good", as well as a permanent onsite
official police force), good facilities, LOTS of parking, site kept in
good repair, with constant upgrades and landscaping,....

> It's possible that it's greed, pure and simple.

As much as any successful business, less than Microsoft, AOL or Enron

> Either way, we don't generate money.  We may be a tax writeoff, but
> it's a misconception to confuse that with income.  If I writeoff $500,
> that means I just don't pay taxes on that $500.  At, say, 28% tax,
> that's $140 I save.  If instead, I made $500, I'd pay $140 in taxes
> and end up with $360.  $140 savings or $360 after taxes?  I'll take
> the $360.  And as long as taxes are below 50%, that's the profitable
> way to go.
> If they convert the SCA space into retail space, they end up with a
> bigger bottom line.  Which, judging by their fees, they either need
> or want.
> I'm not blasting TRF.  It's a great faire.  Even *IF* the owners
> *might* be greedy, it's still a great time and they pull in a lot of
> people.  And they aren't so costly as to drive away merchants.

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