[Ansteorra] Re: Hurry: cleaning out TRF

Dyan Ford dyanford at txucom.net
Fri Dec 6 13:08:31 PST 2002

Since I live within 10 miles of TRF, any of the stuff can be taken
to my place - as a "Temporary" way-station of sorts.  That way, we
can concentrate on getting what we want & need out, instead of
"Where will we put it?"  Relocating it can be done later... after we
no longer have access to the site.

But I'm sure we will need lots of strong backs and willing hands for
the removal.  (and tools???)

I will be at the site with my pick-up on Saturday.  Look forward to
seeing you there ... and thank you in advance.  I _know_ this is
going to be a hard thing for all of us.... 28 years is a looong time.

Saddened, I remain,


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