[Ansteorra] How Much Travel is enough?

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> Okay, I may be a newbie to the SCA, but I thought Laurels were given for
> excellence in the arts? What does that have to do with travelling vast
> distances?
> a very confused,
> zubeydah

       Many feel that a peer should be active and recognized throughout the
kingdom.  The peerages are polling orders.  That means that the Crown will
consult with the members of the order and get their input before adding
someone to that order.  The conventional wisdom is that members of any
particular order will be reluctant to approve someone who they don't know.
If true then your chances of becoming a peer would increase if most of the
active members of the order know you, or at least know who you are.  Of
course having most of the members of the order recognize you only helps if
they see you behaving like a peer.  So the idea is that if you want to be a
peer it helps if you travel a lot throughout the kingdom.
       That's the theory.  I can't say for sure that it's true but it seems


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