[Ansteorra] How Much Travel is enough?

C. L. Ward gunnora at vikinganswerlady.org
Sat Dec 7 21:20:36 PST 2002

Gilli said:
>The number of folks that I'm becoming aware of
>who have been told that they don't travel enough,
>yet do numerous demos, is growing.

It would be tough to get a Laurel if the only place your art was being shown
was at demos.  Again, the Laurels, Crown, and hopefully the populace at
large needs to see the artisan's work, and demos tend to be very local.

>IMHO the folks I know about should have already
>been peers.  It seem they are thought of as such
>by everyone except the circle.

And you *have* written detailed recommendations for them and sent these
recommendations to the Crown?  Better dig out the carbon copies and send a
few to peers in the circle in question as well, the Crown is under no
obligation to share their mail with us.  If we don't know, we can't act.
Even if we do know, we can't act as only the Crown has the final say.

>Could age have be a limiting factor?

No.  Maturity can be a factor, but that's utterly different from age.  I've
met sixty-year-olds with an emotional age of six.  And I've been privledged
to know some six-year-olds with wisdom in dealing with people that would do
credit to any adult.  Immature people of any age are unlikely to have the
leadership qualities that a peer should have.

>It has to be some of that secret hand shake
>stuff.  I don't recall a given amount of
>travel in the requirements.

Nope.  We don't even have a secret hand-shake *after* getting the peerage.
Nor an owner's manual to go with the medallion telling you just exactly
what's expected of you after elevation.

However, there is a lot of very good information setting out exactly what
the rules, regulations, laws and so forth require of a Laurel.  You can find
it all in one place in the "Information on the Order of the Laurel" section
of Ansteorra's new "State of the Arts" webpage, located at
http://www.ansteorra.org/orders/peerage/laurel/  I highly recommend reading
through some of these materials.


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