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 Bob Dewart <gilli at hot.rr.com> wrote:
>If the dish were fully cooked, it wouldn't need stirring. :) I think this
>would be some "good to know" info.

>The number of folks that I'm becoming aware of who have been told that they
>don't travel enough, yet do numerous demos, is growing.

Not being a Laurel...but of course having opinion...

Demos to demonstrate their abilities to the SCA or "public service demos" for the SCA...

there's a major difference...the peers and the Crown cannot witness the breadth of knowledge and depth of work done if those things are not shown in an SCA format...

>IMHO the folks I know about should have already been peers. It seem they
>are thought of as such by everyone except the circle.

No offense...but the only real opinion that counts is the Crowns...Peers have a right and duty of consultation...but the decision rests in the Crown's hands...If the people who believe that a person deserves a peerage cannot demonstrate to the Crown that that person meets the criteria the Crown has for a peerage...it will never happen.

>Could age have be a limiting factor?

I can only tell you that in the circles I've attended age is never even mentioned...

>it has to be some of that secret hand shake stuff. I don't recall a given
>amount of travel in the requirements.

Requirements vary from person to person and from Crown to Crown...there is no real constant...it's not the travel per se...it's the more exposure and whether the person meets the criteria of the majority of people in the circle in question and more importantly if that person meets the criteria of the Crown in question....

my 2 cents....

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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