[Ansteorra] How Much Travel is enough?

iainmacc at juno.com iainmacc at juno.com
Sun Dec 8 04:13:59 PST 2002

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On Sun, 8 Dec 2002 00:23:55 -0600 "Paul DeLisle" <ferret at hot.rr.com>
> > > (Olde Don, and curmudgeon-in-training
> >         I think you can quit training now... You seem to have it
> pretty
> > well down.
> >       <evil grin>

> LOL...see...not *there's* the difference between the uneducated eye,
> and the
> Professional... Have you ever met Master Iolo?....*that* is a
> Curmudgeon
> Emeritus...

        Point taken, point taken. I only meant to suggest that you've
surely reached the Journeyman level, not that you had attained True
Mastery or, as Master Iolo has, become what Olde Curmudgeons hope their
wee Curmudgettes will grow up to be like...

> (Maybe i can get my Laurel in Curmudgeonry...)

        Okay, in such a case I could see you as an apprentice... but only
as an apprentice to Master Iolo. Fair Warning, I think the travel
requirements are even steeper if you hope for a Laurel in Curmudgeonry.
You definitely have to be known throughout the Kingdom.

                      Iain MacCrimmon

      (trying for a Laurel in Diplomacy,

                              if I don't bury myself beyond recovery


                    Cave Tyranniam Timorium Suorum

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