[Ansteorra] How Much Travel is enough?

James Crouchet jtc at io.com
Mon Dec 9 10:17:19 PST 2002

The advice from Alden and Gunnora was very good. I would like to add one
thing that I think it is easy to overlook.

A candidate for a working order needs to do what they do in a way that
works for the order. No one is looking for a carbon copy but their methods
and goals need to be compatible with those of the rest of the order or
they will only create friction and inefficiency (and we have plenty of
that without looking for more).

I have seen this with WS candidates. I have seen this attitude: "I hate how
the WS operates and I have no respect for the order or any of it's
members. And not giving ME one just proves what dirty dogs you are." And
most of these people could not understand why the WS were not recommending
them for elevation.

There is a lot of leeway amongst the orders and we all have fairly diverse
membership but there is a limit to what we consider being on track for an
order. If you feel the way things are currently done is wrong and you want
to go a different route, that is your business but accept the fact that
you cannot work against the system AND expect it to reward you.

The single best bit of advice I can give anyone playing in the SCA is to
forget about the awards. If you work for awards then your success will
always be measured by others. If you force yourself to "do what it takes"
to get an award you will find that award will be a ball and chain that you
will hate more and more.  Instead, just do what is right for you. If you
perfect and polish your art, do it because that is your idea of fun. If
you hold office, haul trash or run an event, do it because you feel
needed. If you teach, run arrow making parties or learn how to write
documentation, do it because it fulfills you. If you become a cadet,
squire, apprentice or protege, do it because your mentor is your hero and
you what to learn from them. Then if you get an award for doing what you
wanted to do anyway it will be a joy.


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