[Ansteorra] Just my two pence...TRF from the wife

Nolen Dale fairborn at swbell.net
Mon Dec 9 11:40:50 PST 2002

I think that all of us over the years have enjoyed aspects of the Ren Faire
community exactly as it was designed: escapism entertainment.  I don't
believe I was around(SCA-wise) when the decision was made originally to
participate in a demo at TRF, but I do know that over the years it has
provided a large exhibition for the public.  Whether or not you approve
their display of fantasy-history or not, this industry was created as a
business to entertain people.  I am not attempting to take sides, but that
is the reality.  I feel that many of us came into the relationship with TRF
fully aware that they were "show people" and "craft people" plying a trade
as opposed to SCA which endeavors to create something a more accurate and

That having been said, perhaps it is time to let TRF ride off into its
sunset and let the credits roll as they may.  Perchance it is also time for
the SCA to take a firmer grasp on its own destiny, paint its own sunset, and
evaluate the need for regional demos plus membership drives.  While the
advantage with the Ren Faire was the site was available along with an
audience of hundreds(if not thousands) a weekend, the results over the years
seemed to be fair versus the amount of manpower and effort.

Just my opinion, and we all know about opinions ;o)
L. Muriella de Claire & the "Cold Six Pack" device
AKA Kathy Dale & The Wild Bunch
or better known as Richard's wife...lol
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> Maybe I grew up differently.  I went to my first Ren Faire about 25 years
> ago when I was just a kid.  I remember things like dragons, a remote-
> operated sword-in-stone, and other things of fantasy and fairy tales.
> I have come to view ren-faires the same as a fantasy world.  I NEVER
> expected them to be some sort of living museum or they wouldn't have
> been quite as fun to me as a kid and these faires probably would not
> have lasted so many years.
> There should be no complaints about TRF or other renfaires for this sort
> of thing either.  For that matter, might as well call the SCA a fantasy
> group as well.  We are often inaccurate too.  Doesn't 'middle ages as
> they SHOULD HAVE BEEN' sort of sum it all up?  Go look into groups like
> Thistle Cot if you want to see more attention to accuracy.
> And why begrudge faires for giving the public what it wants?  I would
> assume you would have them put on some historically accurate faire.  At
> which, 90% of the faire-goers would be bored-stiff and never return and
> 50% of the merchandise couldn't be sold there.  Ren-Faires are themed
> shopping malls, not museums.
> What you're saying is you'd rather see it more like the SCA (even
> though that isn't exactly accurate either) or a museum, because that's
> your personal preference.
> But which is more popular?  There are very few museums where I see
> big parking lots full of cars like I do at Ren Faires.  And very few
> SCA events where I see as many cars (except Wars).
> The public has other choices available and they have voted with their
> wallets that the ren-faire format, with its mix of fantasy is what
> they want.
> Personally, my favorite ren-faire was the Hawkwood Fantasy Faire in
> it's first couple of years.
> Olivia G. Rodrigues (ladyoliviar at lycos.com) wrote :
> > I don't know how anyone else feels about our (the SCA) having been
> > ed but here's what I sent just a moment ago to the TRF.
> >
> >
> > "Clarissa Cartwright
> >  2111 N. Austin Ave.
> >  Georgetown, TX 78626
> >  ladyoliviar at lycos.com
> >
> > This is just me writing, not the SCA in any way, whole or part.
> >
> > Having been a member of the SCA for some 8 years now and having attended
> > e TRF for the most of the last 18, I find your disinvitation of
> > on to stink.
> >
> > Like most corporations, you've become so BIG that you feel you don't
need m=
> > ost of the 'little people' that helped you get where you are.  You sited
> >  your letter to our liason that 'we are going in different directions.'
> > w politically correct of you!
> > What you really mean is that you have long ago quit being the Texas
> > ANCE Festival and should now be called the Texas FANTASY Festival as
I've n=
> > oticed quite a few not in period 'paid' performers roaming the site.
> >
> > So, thank you for helping me to open my eyes to yet another money
> >  company dumping the populace while reaching for that almighty dollar."
> >
> >
> > Just my opinion...I could be wrong...but it doesn't seem so!
> > Olivia

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