[Ansteorra] Progress on the Gate

Brian Martin bm3876 at sbc.com
Mon Dec 9 12:40:34 PST 2002

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		Greetings All!

		I hope that everyone is doing well in this holiday season.
Over the last few months, we have had a flurry of fundraisers for the
Ansteorran Gulf War gate. Many of you may be wondering exactly where this
money is going and about progress regarding the gate. After a brief
discussion with the gate's architect, Master Fritz der Rothirsch,  I have
glad news regarding the progress that is being made on this magnificent

Component	Group	Status
Framework	Rosenfeld	Complete!
Towers	Stargate & Loch Sollier	Complete!
Tower Bases	Ravensfort	Complete!
Tower Edging	Bordermarch	Underway/On Schedule
Crenellations	North Keep	Underway/On Schedule
Tower Skins	Bryn Gwlad	Underway/On Schedule
Doors	Mooneschadowe	Awaiting Funds (to be received this week)

		This amount of progress is staggering and further proof of
what this great kingdom is capable of when given an heroic task. I
especially want to thank the Shire of Rosenfeld and the Baronies of
Stargate, Loch Sollier and Ravensfort for completing their portions of the
gate so quickly. I also send thanks and encouragement to the Baronies of
Bordermarch, North Keep and Bryn Gwlad for their on going efforts in
building the gate and I know that all will be completed on time. Finally, I
especially want to thank the Shire of Mooneschadowe for their patience in
awaiting the money from the gate fund in order to purchase their materials.
Mooneschadowe is champing at the bit to start building, which they will be
able to do soon!

		Thanks to everyone who has had a hand in raising the money
and in building this awesome gate; you have truly made this a kingdom wide
effort. We're not finished yet, and we have a lot of work ahead of us, but
with the backing and efforts of the entire kingdom, there is no way that we
can fail!

	In service to Crown and Kingdom,
	Pendaran Glamorgan,
	Ansteorran Liaison, Gulf War XII

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