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* ... Does the BOD have any thoughts on it?

my bet is their take would be "it's a local mundane issue, we can not
and will not get invoplved"

* ... What's the legal standing on it all?

guess it all depends on the origional participation contract we
signed ... which i doubt we did.  ergo, without a contract ("non
scriptum non est") we essentially were traded free space for
volunteer participation and all permanent "improvements" would be
viewed as donations in kind on our part ... ergo, we have no real
recourse legally or ethically.

only recourse is to do what has been done and salvage what can be
salvaged/removed and learn from the experience.  consider it a good
run that has ended and don't sully the memories with legal wrangling
and "getting even" - that's the mundane way.

.. who knows paying vendors who lost booths to TRF over the many

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