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Since people have discussed the mention in "TIME" magazine, I thought I would tell you about a book I just received, called "DON'T Try This At Home" ((c) 2002 Hunter S. Fulghum, ISBN 0-7679-1159-8, list $14.00 on sale for $8.40).  It has How-To chapters on topics such as "Wrestle and Win a Sumo Match," "Rappel off the Eiffel Tower," "Swim the English Channel," "Fly Through the Eye of a Hurricane," "Go Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel," "Drive a Tank through a Tornado," "Water Bomb a Forest Fire," "Break into Buckingham Palace" (including illustrated instructions for short-sheeting Prince Charles' bed), "Form an Independent Nation," "Win a Bullfight," and many less-relevant subjects.

One of the chapters is entitled "Compete in and Win a Joust," and on the second page of this chapter, immediately following the list of items needed, it contains this Important Note:  "Many of the items you will need are not commonly available.  Your armor and weapons should be custom-made for your body.  To find an armorer, contact your local medieval re-enactment organization, such as the Society for Creative Anachronism."

Other items in the chapter include a discussion about why you should get plate instead of mail; how to get into the saddle (stepladder recommended), and acquiring a favor.

It's a good read!

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