[Ansteorra] Happy Holidays :)

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 11 12:16:52 PST 2002

I started opening a deluge of Christmas cards and I realized we had been
away far too much, so I thought I would use this venue to say Hello!

The workman have finally left my home, which looks like a totally differnt
place,  school football season is over, and finally I think we have the
freedom to participate at the level we used to again!

Even though Duncan has maintained practices and I have still attended an
occaisional event, I didn't want anyone to think we had become reclusive or
forgotten our loved ones in Ansteorra.

So.....Middle eastern dance classes will be returning to either Monday or
Tuesday nights in the upstairs room, email me direct for information, and
with new carpet, tile, walls and paint, my home will again be open to
costumers and visitors during fighter practice, just let us know you are

Love, hugs and glad to be able to play again,


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