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> Please pardon the bandwidth, no, in fact, please
> someone post this to the Ansteorra list also, as I
> have problems with that every time.  A friend passed
> this to me and I considered it worth forwarding to
> the SCA lists.
> Please read the following auction information from
> Darksword Armory regarding a theft of 300 to 500
> swords from their warehous on December 7th.  They
> are asking for help identifying their swords if they
> are resold on eBay or elsewhere, and are trying to
> sell their remaining swords in stock to raise money
> for new raw material.  Their employees are taking a
> pay cut during the holiday season to survive this
> loss.


> If anyone has ordered a sword from them as a
> Christmas present, they apologize sincerely and have
> issued refunds...etc. etc.  Please read the entire
> auction for details and pictures of their weapons.
> Thank you,
> In service to the dream,
> Dior Alagrant
> "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for thou
> art crunchy and taste good with catsup."

Smile, It makes people wonder what you're thinking!  :^)

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