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ylwrose2 at juno.com ylwrose2 at juno.com
Sat Dec 21 02:00:59 PST 2002

To the Good Gentles and Kind Nobles of Steppes and Ansteorra

It is with great pleasure and honour that I announce the arrival of our
newest member.

James Ryan Hardy was born to Their Excellencies Fritz and Catrin at 9:18
on the evening of Friday, December 20, 2002.  James weighed in at 9 lbs,
5 ozs, and 21 inches long.  Mother and son are fine, and Dad is spending
the night at the hospital.  Other family members are caring for Brittany
at home.  Please, no calls before 12:00 noon on Saturday, as some of the
family got back from the hospital in the wee hours.

More details and contact info will be posted as it becomes available.

Francesca Laviana Sansovino

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