[Ansteorra] Coxcomb Academy Invades Gulf Wars

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AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  IT"S A COMMERICAL ON MY EMAILS!!!!!!!  Sorry couldn't help it, had to say it.  Aurore
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  Sound the trumpets! Bar the doors and windows! Sharpen your blades!
  Hide your women! Bake extra custard. Fire the cannons! (They were
  overpaid anyway.) Cry Hiccup and let slip the Fools of WAR!!!

  The Coxcomb Academy of the Performing Arts, a Pennsic institution
  for five years, is invading Gulf Wars. The fine folks at the Middle
  Eastern pavilion have made an offer of classroom space and we have
  taken the opportunity to expand into a new venue.

  So for three hours every day, Coxcomb will offer classes on
  the variety performing arts. We have old classes, honed thru time and
  practice to a razor sharpness, yet never seen among the Gulf War
  kingdoms. We have fresh, new, experimental classes, which we will set
  loose upon an unsuspecting populace. We plan to teach, to learn, and to
  have FUN. And we invite you, and you, and yes even you to come share in
  what we are doing.

  Dr Henry Best, OP
  Chancellor, Coxcomb Academy

  The full class schedule may be seen at http://coxcomb.org/gulf2002.htm
  but here's the basic course descriptions:

  Coxcomb Open Session -Dr Henry Best & Capt Matthew Christopher
  An open session for variety arts performers, jugglers, magicians,
  puppeteers, et al. Come perform your act, be it polished or a work in
  progress, in a safe supportive environment and receive informed, gentle
  critique and help from full-time professional performers. Come see other
  performers and learn to be a good and helpful audience for them. Come
  meet your fellow performers and share tricks of the trade. Come have

  Juggling for the Hopeless, Doomed, and Unteachable - Dr Henry Best
  Do others laugh when you try to operate a pencil sharpener? Are you the
  last one picked to play volleyball? Were you told not to buy a
  stickshift because it required coordination? Well, your chance for
  vengeance has come: learn to juggle. Amaze your friends! Confound your
  enemies! Yes, if your hands and eyes work normally, you CAN learn to
  juggle. Juggling balls will be provided free for use during class and
  you can walk away with them for a materials fee of $5.

  Intro to Conjuring -Capt Matthew Christopher
  The performance of magic, presented for the beginner. You will learn the
  conjuring theory necessary to take a cheap, cheesy trick and transform
  it into a true piece of magic which will dazzle and mystify your

  Stalking the Wild Audience -Dr Henry Best and Capt Matthew Christopher
  An audience is an oft misunderstood creature, fickle and dangerously
  temperamental if mishandled; yet deeply rewarding if proper care is
  given. Let's take a brief trip into the jungle that is performing, where
  your Faithful Tour Guides have encountered more than one audience and
  lived to tell the tale. We will discuss the equipment needed for a
  successful hunt, prime habitats where an audience may be stalked, how to
  capture an audience, how to train and care for it in captivity, and
  about releasing it back into the wild, unharmed, to be profitably hunted
  by the next performer. A must for any performer wishing to understand
  and tame the beast out there in the seats.

  Acting! -Capt Matthew Christopher
  Acting for those who haven't done it, but wish to and those who have
  done it, and want to again. The rudiments of acting as it pertains to
  both persona play and theater. There will also be a discussion of the
  various opportunities for acting in the SCA.

  Building an Act -Dr Henry Best
  In Stalking the Wild Audience, we recommend you "have an act" before you
  inflict your performance on a poor unsuspecting audience. In this class,
  we will explore what that means in more detail and work out how to build
  a good, short act. Learn to routine an act from start to finish.

  Warmups and Improvs  -Capt Matthew Christopher
  Individual games and exercises designed to limber up your mind and body,
  preparing you mentally and physically for performing.

  Anatomy of a Street Show -Capt Matthew Christopher and Dr Henry Best
  In this class, we will first demonstrate, under street conditions, a 20
  minute street act, from gathering the audience to passing the hat. Then
  we will return to the classroom to dissect the performance and see how
  it all goes together and why.

  Performing: the Quest for a Period Style -Dr Henry Best
  A discussion of the special problems and compromises inherent in
  researching and recreating ephemeral art forms such as performing. How
  do you recreate a thing, centuries old, that vanished the instant it was
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