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If nothing else, this guy (Aveloc) is entertaining. Granted its that type of
"train wreck" entertainment (I'm horrified but I can't look away), but
entertainment none the less. Perhaps getting kicked out of the SCA is just
God's way of telling Aveloc that its time for him to move on to the WWF. :-)


Someone from An Tir wrote to us:

>Greetings unto Ansteorra,
>I am writing concerning the Revocation and Denial of a
> member of our society.  There are many who know (Twice)
> Count Sir Aveloc The Younger.  There are many who do not.
>  I am doing my part in trying to get some information out.
>In Service to the Dream,
>Lady Kiriena Varonskaia

Don Tivar replied:
>>> As I understand it, that website only presents Sir Aveloc's
>>> version of the situation. * * *  I don't see how discussing
>>> something that happened in An Tir is particularly germane
>>> to an Ansteorran email list.

Sir D. then answered:
>>In counterpoint to Master Tivar, I'd like to add that I believe
>>this subject is *absolutely* germane to the Ansteorran email list.
>>I'm not saying that I think Aveloc is a peach of a guy or even
>>100% correct in his arguments- I'm not even sure I disagree with
>>his DoM- but he sure as heck has some valid points about what
>>ails the sca government.

And I respond:

Maybe so.  But from what I have read of that website, quite a lot of the
answers do not address the charges directly, but are very clinton-esque
dissembling.  If those are the answers he gave to the Board and the person
doing the investigation (I read the Board minutes, and there have been
mentions of this since at least last July), then I don't think it is any
wonder that the Board went ahead and voted to R&D Aveloc.  Those are NOT the
kind of answers I would hope to get to charges as serious as some of those.

Further, the Petition, if you have read it, gives the alternatives that if
the Board does not readmit Aveloc to membership, then they will sue to have
the Board removed and Aveloc's own design of corporate governance installed
instead.  "Play it our way or we will get rid of you and force our game on
the Society."

That just gives me the willies.

For the record, the proposed form of governance, under the title "Petition
of Nine Crowns," has been out for comment at
http://www.sca.org/BOD/announcements/9crowns.html and if you think it is
really the better form, then you should write.  Or, if you think it is a bad
idea, you should write.  Or if you have your own opinion of how the Board
members should be chosen - write!

And when you see the lists of Board members in the BLACK STAR and other
publications, WRITE!  How are they going to know whether someone is a good
candidate or a bad candidate, unless people write?

Part of the problem, methinks, is that too many participants are apathetic,
and don't take the time to write when things come up for commentary.  It's
one thing to blast to a Kingdom or other discussion list on a topic; it's
quite another to get your opinion, clearly and legibly written, into the
hands of someone who can do something about it.

And for the record, there are a number of persons writing to THANK the Board
for taking this action.  It's not as one-sided as scaoubliette.com makes it

                                   ---== Morgan

"When I'm old, I don't want them to say of me, "She's so charming."
 I want them to say, "Be careful, I think she's armed."  ---== G. Stoddart

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