[Ansteorra] Count Sir Aveloc the Younger

Rae Bauer suvdchin at moritu.net
Fri Feb 1 18:02:21 PST 2002

Sir D wrote--

> I'm not saying that I think Aveloc is a peach of a guy or even 100% correct
> in his arguments- I'm not even sure I disagree with his DoM- but he sure as
> heck has some valid points about what ails the sca government.  And since
> the scas government covers all Ansteorrans, I think it can't hurt to have
> Ansteorrans brush up on this current event.  If you think dealing with a
> bully on the field, marshallate arguments, Crowns who abuse/liberate their
> subjects in regard to Corpora, and most importantly, philosophical
> differences with the way the BoD operates are just An Tir issues, you'd
> better brush up on your *recent* local history.  Can I get an Amen?>
> I have long been moved to write about the whole Crown and Kingdom vs. BoD
> issue on our own list... I've just got to get over the image and
> implications of a rebel flag flying again ;)>
> On behalf of States Rights and with respect to the Recent Unpleasantness,<<

I'll be the first to admit that I'm finding out things about the BOD
that I find
Unpleasant.  It bothers me that the way the SCA is incorporated, the
is only entitled to the Kingdom newsletter, the TI and that's it.  They
are not answerable to the membership for anything.  BOD memebers appear
to have a self perpetuating monopoly on who becomes members of the
board.  And the only thing that seems to worry them is the thought of
being sued.  Perhaps this is a Californian mindset.
But the bottom line is they rule because we believe.  If the members of
SCA don't like the way the BOD is running things, we have to let them
know and
make constructive suggestions for change.
Just one Mongol's opinion

Suvdchin Khan

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