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I do think that it's kind of funny, though that the page labeled "Aveloc's
Perspective" is blank.

Always looking for the humor,

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>Please pardon my interruption...
>Greetings unto Ansteorra,
>I am writing concerning the Revocation and Denial of a member of our
>society.  There are many who know (Twice) Count Sir Aveloc The
>Younger.  There are many who do not.  I am doing my part in trying to
>get some information out.  Those who are curious can find information
>regarding his R&D on the following website:
>In Service to the Dream,
>Lady Kiriena Varonskaia

As I understand it, that website only presents Sir Aveloc's version of the
situation. This issue has been discussed extensively over on the Rialto
(rec.org.sca) and you can review the threads ("BOD Meeting" and
"Petition?") via Google. I don't see how discussing something that happened
in An Tir is particularly germane to an Ansteorran email list.

	-Tivar Moondragon
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