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Greetings all,

We need to get Sir Corwin's contract with the WWF worked out before we send
any "rookies" from the SCA.

Sir Alrek
ducky not bunny

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>If nothing else, this guy (Aveloc) is entertaining. Granted its that type
>"train wreck" entertainment (I'm horrified but I can't look away), but
>entertainment none the less. Perhaps getting kicked out of the SCA is just
>God's way of telling Aveloc that its time for him to move on to the WWF.
>Someone from An Tir wrote to us:
> >Greetings unto Ansteorra,
> >I am writing concerning the Revocation and Denial of a
> > member of our society.  There are many who know (Twice)
> > Count Sir Aveloc The Younger.  There are many who do not.
> >  I am doing my part in trying to get some information out.
> >
> >In Service to the Dream,
> >Lady Kiriena Varonskaia
>Don Tivar replied:
> >>> As I understand it, that website only presents Sir Aveloc's
> >>> version of the situation. * * *  I don't see how discussing
> >>> something that happened in An Tir is particularly germane
> >>> to an Ansteorran email list.
>Sir D. then answered:
> >>In counterpoint to Master Tivar, I'd like to add that I believe
> >>this subject is *absolutely* germane to the Ansteorran email list.
> >>
> >>I'm not saying that I think Aveloc is a peach of a guy or even
> >>100% correct in his arguments- I'm not even sure I disagree with
> >>his DoM- but he sure as heck has some valid points about what
> >>ails the sca government.
>And I respond:
>Maybe so.  But from what I have read of that website, quite a lot of the
>answers do not address the charges directly, but are very clinton-esque
>dissembling.  If those are the answers he gave to the Board and the person
>doing the investigation (I read the Board minutes, and there have been
>mentions of this since at least last July), then I don't think it is any
>wonder that the Board went ahead and voted to R&D Aveloc.  Those are NOT
>kind of answers I would hope to get to charges as serious as some of those.
>Further, the Petition, if you have read it, gives the alternatives that if
>the Board does not readmit Aveloc to membership, then they will sue to have
>the Board removed and Aveloc's own design of corporate governance installed
>instead.  "Play it our way or we will get rid of you and force our game on
>the Society."
>That just gives me the willies.
>For the record, the proposed form of governance, under the title "Petition
>of Nine Crowns," has been out for comment at
>http://www.sca.org/BOD/announcements/9crowns.html and if you think it is
>really the better form, then you should write.  Or, if you think it is a
>idea, you should write.  Or if you have your own opinion of how the Board
>members should be chosen - write!
>And when you see the lists of Board members in the BLACK STAR and other
>publications, WRITE!  How are they going to know whether someone is a good
>candidate or a bad candidate, unless people write?
>Part of the problem, methinks, is that too many participants are apathetic,
>and don't take the time to write when things come up for commentary.  It's
>one thing to blast to a Kingdom or other discussion list on a topic; it's
>quite another to get your opinion, clearly and legibly written, into the
>hands of someone who can do something about it.
>And for the record, there are a number of persons writing to THANK the
>for taking this action.  It's not as one-sided as scaoubliette.com makes it
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