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We don't shop at Best Buy anyway.  A few years ago we wanted to buy a
computer (or some other large electronic item) and the only one left of the
brand/type we wanted was a display.  Okay, wrap up the display and sell it
to us.  The store clerk said they couldn't do that.  We asked him to get the
manager and tried again.  No, they couldn't sell the display unit because
someone might want to buy that computer brand/type.  But they didn't have
any others to sell if someone did want to buy it.  We basically threw up our
hands in frustration and left.
We assumed that they didn't really want to sell anything.

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I got pulled aside for shoplifting today at Best Buy. I hadn't done
anything. I was dressed like I used to dress for work in an office (we
had just come from dinner with the conservative inlaws) - a red cotton
skirt, another under it for warmth, and a red cotton sweater set. I
didn't exactly look like public enemy number one.

I was held in a small room without any explanation beyond the
unfounded accusation that they had seen me "put something up [my]
skirt", they refused to search me, even though I ASKED them to,
offered them my purse and fully consented to any search necessary to
prove my innocence, and asked to be allowed to go if they wouldn't
search me. They wouldn't search me, nor would they let me go. They did
not ask me to wait until the police got there, they just accused me
over and over and stood between me and the door in a tiny
claustrophobic room. They forced my husband to wait outside, with the
$80 worth of stuff we had just bought.

They were apparently trying to get me to confess to something I did
not do so that they could hand the confession over to the authorities
when they *did* call them. They didn't let me go until my husband
knocked on the door and asked them if I could be allowed to leave.
They let me leave, so they apparently knew it was all groundless. They
wanted me to confess, and were willing to detain me as long as it
took, even though I asked to leave if they would not search me.
Bastards <other expletives deleted>.

We returned all the stuff we bought and went to buy it elsewhere. I'm
NEVER shopping there again, and we are asking everyone we know to
plase try to do that as well, at least for a time.

Thanks for reading,
Marguerie de Jauncourt
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