[Ansteorra] RE: Need help with a Period Hebrew name??

C. L. Ward gunnora at vikinganswerlady.org
Sun Feb 3 19:37:02 PST 2002

>I have a gentle in the Fray that would like to
>take a period Hebrew name.  The newcomer is
>uncertain of the needed structure for such names
>and is uncertain what is required for the
>documentation of such names?
>Can a herald please contact me, so that I can
>send the necessary information on to this newcomer?

The Academy of St. Gabriel has the following articles available that should

Jewish Naming Conventions in Angevin England, by Eleazar ha-Levi.
A discussion of names for English Jews frgm 1070-1290. Well over a hundred
examples are included.

Jewish Names from the 1292 Census of Paris by Scott Catledge (Colm Dubh).
A list of about 60 Jewish names extracted from the 1292 census of Paris.

Medieval Spanish Jewish Names of the 13th and 14th Centuries, by Julia Smith
(Juliana de Luna).
About 60 Iberian Jewish names recorded in Castilian during the 13th and 14th
cent uries.

Bibliography for Jewish Names and Armory

The client should look over these as a starting point.  The Academy also has
a number of reports that would be useful as well.  To do this, go to ? and
box that says "Text to Search For" put in:

Jewish Hebrew Judaic

Then change the box labeled "Boolean" to "OR" and hit search.  The search
takes a fairly long time to load, but be patient as it will turn up a bunch
of reports concerning useful names.


Then change the


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