[Ansteorra] Best Buy incident/Texas Penal Code

Jesus Cavazos toshirokoi at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 4 09:32:21 PST 2002

What these people did was a crime. As soon as they released you, you should
have called the police. Not only to add weight to your complaint, but to
have the persons who "imprisoned" you arrested.
By calling the police immediately, it would not have given the persons
holding you a chance to lose the surveillance tapes. The tapes would have
shown you were stopped and placed in an office, how long they hold you, and
that they let you go only after your husband insisted.

There are two things you can do if you are ever detained by store security.
1. Ask for a person of the same sex to touch you where they say you hid the
item. When they find nothing, walk away. If they insist on asking you
questions or searching you further, ignore them. If they still insist, get
in your way, or if they touch you, have them call the police. If they
refuse, you call the police. (I don't know about other states, but in Texas,
if someone deliberately touches you when you don't want them to, they
committed assault.) Don't go into any office. They can claim they took from
you anything while in the office. When the police arrive, ask them to search
you. Then the police are your proof you didn't seal anything.
2. Ask them not to touch you. Insist they call the police. And follow the
process stated above.

And if you want to be mean, ask the police if you can have the persons who
stopped you arrested. If you can, do so.
Personally, I would threaten them with arrest then let them go. And contact
their HQ and complain.
How far you take it after that is up to the individual.

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