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> Clique \Clique\, v. i.
>    To To associate together in a clannish way; to act with
>    others secretly to gain a desired end; to plot; -- used with
>    together

  Personally I think that this definition applies very well to the mailing
list.  A while back your mailing list sight said that it was for the
promotion of "unity, and the encouragement of a fighting unit in the north.
When HE Ulf And myself heard about this we attempted to join, considering we
are both Landed Nobility and it's our job to promote th fighting in not only
our group but the region as well, we were denied access for some reason.  If
you could tell me why a past Kingdom warlord, member of the chivalry, and
current landed nobility was denied access I might change my mind about that
group. But until then my mind stays the same.  I also find it unusual that HE
Ulf, who was at the time in favor of the principality was denied.

Underground \Un"der*ground`\, a.
   1. Being below the surface of the ground; as, an underground
      story or apartment.

   2. Done or occurring out of sight; secret. [Colloq.]

  I am not proposing a criminality on anything, but you do have to admit that
a private list is in itself something occuring out of sight; secret.  I have
considered many who are on that list , there are about 48 members,  to have
been my "friends" and to tell you honestly someone in your list has forwarded
some very acidic things about my lady, my crown, my friends, my fellow
landeds and myself to me.  Some of which was very shocking, considering some
of it was coming from peers in fielty to the crown.  Had these things been
said in public or on an open list someone could very easily have been, at the
very least, banished for treason and breaking oaths.  But If you say
everything is about having fun and comeradery and being with friends in your
game, then you need to step back and read the archives of your own list,
because you have obviously forgotten what has been said and done in the last
 This region is starting to come back together and have fun at events again
and the fellowship is growing steadily.  While there are a number of people
who feel that this principality idea is a good thing, there are is also a
number of people who don't. They would like to see this region heal and come
back together, both pro principality and anti principality, for the good of
the game. But until some people are willing to accept the fact everyone is
entitled to thier opions and that thier own opinion is not the only one, the
healing can't be complete.  I have never tried to force or coerce my opinion
on anyone, when asked I give it and the reasons for it.  I can't say that
about everyone.  I have never gone to any of the principality discussions
because frankly I didn't feel like being personally attacked. Which in the
end happened anyway.  So if this is your idea of unity and brotherhood and
comeradery, please allow me my idaes of the same.

Earl Barn Silveraxe
In service to the dream and kingdom

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