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Oh Vix I didn't have time to look today but I will go in early at the store
and look for a hebrew name book since Barnes & Noble have them on stock at
most stores.
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>Thank you very much! :)
>Isolda von Rugen
>C. L. Ward wrote:
>>>I have a gentle in the Fray that would like to
>>>take a period Hebrew name.  The newcomer is
>>>uncertain of the needed structure for such names
>>>and is uncertain what is required for the
>>>documentation of such names?
>>>Can a herald please contact me, so that I can
>>>send the necessary information on to this newcomer?
>>The Academy of St. Gabriel has the following articles available that
>>Jewish Naming Conventions in Angevin England, by Eleazar ha-Levi.
>>A discussion of names for English Jews frgm 1070-1290. Well over a hundred
>>examples are included.
>>Jewish Names from the 1292 Census of Paris by Scott Catledge (Colm Dubh).
>>A list of about 60 Jewish names extracted from the 1292 census of Paris.
>>Medieval Spanish Jewish Names of the 13th and 14th Centuries, by Julia
>>(Juliana de Luna).
>>About 60 Iberian Jewish names recorded in Castilian during the 13th and
>>cent uries.
>>Bibliography for Jewish Names and Armory
>>The client should look over these as a starting point.  The Academy also
>>a number of reports that would be useful as well.  To do this, go to ? and
>>box that says "Text to Search For" put in:
>>Jewish Hebrew Judaic
>>Then change the box labeled "Boolean" to "OR" and hit search.  The search
>>takes a fairly long time to load, but be patient as it will turn up a
>>of reports concerning useful names.
>>Then change the
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