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Laughing Boy pantelone at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 5 11:24:24 PST 2002

>Unfortunately, it ends fairly disappointingly. On speaking to the
>police, I found out that they had operated *just barely* within the
>bounds of legality and I can't really do anything. I'm going to talk
>to a lawyer tomorrow, but I suspect that it just isn't worth it
>because they cut it so close. We simply cannot afford to get stuck
>with the court costs if I lose.
>So, effectively, they win.

Please state how the police say they were operating legally, and did that
information come from a patrol unit or someone in investigations?  If they
acted exactly as you stated, then they were in violation of the Texas Penal
Code as I cited earlier.  I'd like to hear the officer's justification of
what they did.

Also, the attorney should accept the case on a contingency basis, with no
cost to you if the case is lost.

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