[Ansteorra] Membership cost and redux through modern tech.

bowermanm bowermanm at mail.ev1.net
Tue Feb 5 11:10:29 PST 2002

Hello all:
How about we move the central office to a more affordable area
(State).  Big business does this all the time.  Consolidate
publications to a web page viewable PDF.  Make the building of the
new server, and documentation project a volunteer job by a member
with the right skills, and give them a free membership for X
amount of years.  We have a lot of members in the buisness.  Above
all lets keep it simple.  Complex moves, upgrades, or changes cost
more in the short run.  One step at a time.   If I knew more about
the exsisting processes I could help.    How many claimes have we
filed on our insurance plan within the last 10 years?  See if we
can get a return on our insurance investment.

1.Raise membership fee $2.00

2.Find better site for office

3.Establish cheaper publication process.  Remember keeping a
skilled person around to maintain a IT server costs money!

4.Establish a Cost savings plan for SCA INC.  I.E have officers
send in cost savings plans thoughout the year, not just when they
are needed.

Lord Rodrigo de Navarra
Honor est praemium virtutis.
Honour is virtue's reward.
(Cicero, Brutus)

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