[Ansteorra] Membership cost and redux through modern tech.

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Tue Feb 5 11:24:00 PST 2002

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> Hello all:
> How about we move the central office to a more affordable area
> (State).  Big business does this all the time.  Consolidate
> publications to a web page viewable PDF.  Make the building of the
> new server, and documentation project a volunteer job by a member
> with the right skills, and give them a free membership for X
> amount of years.  We have a lot of members in the buisness.  Above
> all lets keep it simple.  Complex moves, upgrades, or changes cost
> more in the short run.  One step at a time.   If I knew more about
> the exsisting processes I could help.    How many claimes have we
> filed on our insurance plan within the last 10 years?  See if we
> can get a return on our insurance investment.
> 1.Raise membership fee $2.00
> 2.Find better site for office
> 3.Establish cheaper publication process.  Remember keeping a
> skilled person around to maintain a IT server costs money!
> 4.Establish a Cost savings plan for SCA INC.  I.E have officers
> send in cost savings plans thoughout the year, not just when they
> are needed.
> Lord Rodrigo de Navarra
> Honor est praemium virtutis.
> Honour is virtue's reward.
> (Cicero, Brutus)

I hope you sent this in to the BOD to look at.

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